Alexis Tamayo

Name: Alexis Andrea Dimen Tamayo

Age: 18 years old

College/University: University of the Philippines – Diliman

Course: 1st year – BA Linguistics major in East Asian Languages

Prior Japanese Experience/Lesson: Has been studying Japanese for around 6  months

Interests: Singing, Acting, Cooking, Poetry writing, Public speaking, and Advocating for Human Rights & Welfare

Organization/s: UP Babaylan – Member


“I truly thank JICE for giving us the opportunity to experience Japan in a whole new level. It showed us that it is not only a country that is advance in technology, but  also a country rich in culture & tradition, history, respect, and love for nature. I also  appreciate the program’s efforts to create a greater understanding and friendship between nations. For a student who belongs to our country’s lower social class, it is definitely a dream come true to be able to even take a step in Japan.  I may not be fluent in Japanese yet, but the JENESYS program focusing on Japanese Language Communication, truly helped me gain more insights on how I will be able to learn faster and better. Immersing with the people whose language is greatly imbibed with their culture is surely the greatest  way to love studying the language more.

I personally thank the Matsuzawas, my host family, who made us feel that we are truly a part of their warm and loving family.  Now that we are back in our country, we will do our best to share what we learned to our fellow Filipinos, and continue to ignite our connections with the Japanese people. Hopefully, we will be able to love our country so much, we’ll be able to cry for it like you do.

I will study  hard and will definitely come back. Hello Tokyo 2020. I’M CLAIMING IT!!!” – Alexis


“It has always been my dream to be able to wear a Japanese high school girl’s uniform. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve  always seen in dramas, movies, and animes how cute these uniforms look. I even felt envious because in the Philippines, a lot of people are very conservative so the uniform for girls are usually very long and the fabric should not be thick nor layered because of the country’s hot climate. Therefore, most school uniforms are not really as fashionable compared to the ones in Japan. When I told my family what I really wanted to try on aside from a Yukata, I felt shy to tell them because none of my siblings were in high school. Yet, I am very thankful to my host family because they really searched and drove all the way to Kurashiki just for me to be able to visit  a shop/museum that allows customers to try their beautiful array of various high school uniforms. I was filled with joy and I felt very hyper the whole time, but  what made me really happy is that my okaasan and imouto were also enjoying it. In the left picture,  they even told me that I look really cute and they are my boyfriends , so  they will protect me. So sweet!”


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