Diana Caro

Full Name: Diana Tabitha Caro (カロダヤナ)

Age: 19 years old

School: De La Salle University-Manila

Course: 3rd Year, AB-International Studies Major in Japanese Studies

Prior Japanese Experience/Lesson: Has been studying Japanese for approximately one year

Organization/s: Member and Talent Manager  of De La Salle Innersoul, Best of Anime 2014 Karaoke Competition Champion



“JENESYS2016 is, by far, one of the highlights of my year. One day I was just applying for it, next thing I know I’m on a plane going to Japan, one of my dream destinations! The experience was filled with so many firsts—it was my first time to travel abroad, it was my first time to travel on my own/without my parents, it was (obviously) my first time in Japan, it was my first time to experience snow, and I also experienced ice skating for the first time! I was also absolutely thrilled to have been able to eat authentic Japanese food, from Gyudon to Sushi to Sukiyaki to Ramen! ❤ I also saw how nice and hospitable the Japanese were, and how punctual and time-conscious they were! Japan itself was just so beautiful. I remember being teary-eyed as I saw Sakura trees in front of me, and seeing snow fall as I was ice skating. Being in Shibuya felt so surreal, and seeing Hachiko in front of me felt amazing! Experiencing winter was quite challenging, but also somewhat enjoyable. Being able to represent our country while having fun was definitely an experience of a lifetime! There were many times when we were put to the challenge but with everyone’s cooperation we managed to get through them with smiles on our faces.

This whole experience was a blessing, and I will cherish it forever. Through JENESYS2016, one of my wildest dreams came true—to visit Japan.” – Diana


My first time to try ice-skating! With me in this photo are some of the members of our host family—Mama-san, Ma-chan, and Kai-chan! ❤


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