Dianne Cogal

Full Name: Dianne Marie S. Cogal

Age: 20

College/University: Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku

Course: BSIS – Major in Japanese Language and Studies (3rd Year)

Prior Japanese Experience/Lesson: learning Japanese language for almost four years

Interests: photography, listening to music, reading novels, watching anime and Japanese drama

Organization/s: I.S Shogunate (Finance Officer)


“The JENESYS Program gave me the opportunity to live the life that I’ve been dreaming for and made the impossible into possible. Experiencing a real Japanese environment, seeing snow for the first time, traveling by Shinkansen, visiting historical places, museums, shrines and temples, experiencing Japanese home living with its fancy multi-functional toilets, savoring the different kinds of Japanese food, gazing upon Mt. Fuji’s incredible scenery and meeting new awesome people happened in just a week. Everything made me speechless and it’s funny how it turned me into a storyteller when I got home. All the places we’ve visited and everything that we did, there were a lot of learnings. The JENESYS Program made me more determined and a motivated student, young leader, innovator and a Filipino youth. Thank you for making me feel in love with every minute of every day, Japan, I’ll definitely come back for you. またいつかね、日本! ♥” – Dianne


“The Okayama Castle is standing behind me. Old but gold!”




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