Ira Galvadores

Full Name: Ira Galvadores

Age: 20

College/University: Ateneo de Manila University

Course: BS Management

Prior Japanese Experience/Lesson: I’ve already been to Japan three times before the Jenesys program. During those trips, me and my family went to several places in Japan such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, Osaka, and Kyoto where we experienced the beautiful culture and sceneries that Japan has to offer.

Interests: Ever since I was in grade school, I have already been a fan of J-pop groups under Johnny’s Entertainment. Because of it, I’ve already dreamed of going to Japan, watch the concerts of my favorite groups, and see my idols. Aside from J-pop I also love to watch Japanese Dramas and Anime. These interests motivated me to start studying the Japanese Language which is my current minor in the university.


“During my short but fulfilling stay in Japan through the jenesys program, my view about the Japanese culture widened since I was able to experience it directly. I was able to see snow for the first time, ride the bullet train and managed to see a lot of beautiful sceneries from it like the mount fuji. Additionally, I was able to converse with Japanese university students, visit local Japanese companies and tourist spots, and a lot more. However, my favorite part of the program was the homestay because it allowed me to experience living at a Japanese family’s residence where I felt the genuine hospitality of the Japanese people. Our Okaa-san and Otou-san treated us like we were really a part of their family that is the reason why we became so attached to them.

This experience of mine is something that I will always treasure because even though it was short, I was able to make memories, friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime.” – Ira


“Our okaa-san and otou-san toured us around the breath-taking places in Okayama! We promised them that when they go visit the Philippines, it will be our turn to tour them.”


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