Megumi Sermense

Full Name: Ann Megumi Sermense

Age: 20

College/University: University of the Philippines- Diliman

Course: Bachelor of Library and Information Science

Prior Japanese Experience/Lesson: Studying Japanese Language for nearly a year

Organization/s: University of the Philippines Library and Information Science Students’ Association (UP LISSA)

University of the Philippines Yakal Residence Hall Association

University of the Philippines Sidlangan

University of the Philippines Sigma Alpha Sorority


“Studying the Japanese Language has been a real struggle for me. The fact that I have Japanese blood- the baggage and sense of entitlement that come along, makes it even harder for me. However, the Jenesys Program gave me a different perspective in life. It allowed me to experience Japan on a unique level. It gave me the chance to appreciate the Japanese Culture on a deeper sense. Lastly, it made me accept what I am and where I come from.

Japan is an amazing place to be. With the harmonious mix of the traditional and modern advancement, my old soul soars in glee. With the efficiency that is part of the Japanese lifestyle, my practical side is in constant awe. With all the new experiences, the dreamer in me is in cloud 9. With the warm acceptance, the lost child in me is found. I still have many stories to tell because my Jenesys experience is way more than what was mentioned. But writing this opened the floodgate of memories that caused my eyes to blur with tears and lips stretched on a warm smile. I took a part of Japan when I came back and, at the same time, left a part of me- a part of my heart. It was, indeed, a humbling experience to be treasured. I am very grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.” – Megumi


‘If I were in your shoes, what will I see? Would it be different?’ © Ira Galvadores


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