Prince Morales

Full Name: Gabriel Luis Tan Morales

Age: 21

College/University:Ateneo de Manila University

Course: BS Management Engineering

Prior Japanese Experience/Lesson: 2 years (FLC 4 JSP – highest level Japanese language class I’ve taken in Ateneo)


“Osu! My name is Gabriel Luis Tan Morales. Please call me Prince even though my name isn’t actually Prince (It’s a long story). Anyways, I’m a Management Engineering student who, somehow, because of my weebness, ended up minoring in Japanese studies. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved Japanese culture and food and music and everything, basically. I am a very funny person who enjoys making puns that for some reason nobody laughs at. Also, I’m still obsessed with K-On even after 9314738 years; Azu-nyan best girl.

Through JENESYS, I was finally able to make my dream of being able to go to Japan a reality. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved Japanese culture and it’s constantly been present in my life. I remember rushing home from school when I was a kid just to be able to watch my favourite anime shows on GMA (Yes, the Filipino-translated ones) and always craving for Japanese cuisine. Thanks to the JENESYS program, I have finally visited the country that I adore and respect so dearly. Apart from this, however, I, of course, also put to heart the countless things I learned and realized during my stay in Japan. I found out how much value the Japanese give to things like discipline, respect, timeliness, and cleanliness which is exactly why they are as ahead of everyone as they are currently. I also experienced how hospitable, caring, and accommodating they could be through my short stay with my host family. All of these things that I’ve experienced thanks to JENESYS, the lessons, the happy memories, the values; I will forever treasure and keep close to my heart.” – Prince



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