Menmen Heruela

Full name: Menorca Nyn L. Heruela

Age: 20 yrs. old

College/University: University of the Philippines Diliman

Course: BS Psychology

Prior Japanese Lesson/Experience: Taken basic Japanese classes and currently taking intermediate classes

Interests: Japanese and Korean language and pop/culture, music (OPM, classical, Japanese, Korean), crocheting, calligraphy, table tennis, tennis, travelling

“JENESYS 2016 was truly a very memorable and meaningful experience for me. I have been to Japan before but during my first visit, I was only able to learn about Japan through the lens of a tourist- of someone who had very minimal means of plunging deep into the country’s culture. I can’t really say my first visit was superficial but it wasn’t able to show the side of Japan I was able to see during my JENESYS trip. This may sound too cliché but really, words can’t describe how blessed we were to be able to delve into and experience the Japanese culture from an entirely different perspective. Being able to visit important historical and beautiful landmarks, being able to personally attend a tea ceremony and learning about it, experiencing what it is like to live in a Japanese household for almost two days, spending time with our host family, and meeting friends along the way, I couldn’t be more grateful for the once in a lifetime opportunity and the deeper appreciation of the Japanese culture JENESYS has blessed me with.” – Menmen


“This is a picture of me, Monikka and Megumi. We’re classmates in our Japanese class. I couldn’t be more thankful for the chance to spend my JENESYS trip with these two. This picture basically expresses how we feel about our whole JENESYS experience- happy and fulfilled. 🙂 ❤



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